is to meet the different challenges of our customers each time anew with passion and hands-on mentality. For this purpose, we have put together a team that is as diverse as the challenges of our customers. Consisting of creative minds, analytical decision-makers, highly trained coaches and longstanding change consultants, we support our customers on each step of their own personal digital transformation journey.


Dorothee Lacks

Doro is passionate about project management and seeks new challenges with each new client project. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Aviation Management and has worked in the Berlin tech startup hub in various industries such as automotive, logistics and consulting.

Robert Schaffner

Robert develops and delivers training across the globe, primarily in Europe and Asia. He‘s passionated by the idea that technology has the influential power to change organizations by enabling people, but sees technology also as one key driver to achieve sustainability in business and society.

Andreas Kaufmann

Andreas works with international clients involved in strategic change or post-merger/acquisition integration processes. In his work with senior leaders Andreas has been exploring how they can best develop and use their Emotional Intelligence. He has also developed big group technologies to help organizations sort out strategic business issues.

Michael Pohl

Since 2009, Michael develops and delivers training primarily in EMEA and the US. He holds various business certifications such as Business Value Specialist, but also in Systemic Coaching (IGE), Integral Organization Development (imu) and Future Leadership.

Lena Arndt

Lena is interested in technological developments and would like to know more about new innovations – especially when it comes to the use of ‘intelligent’ technology in everyday life. In the future, Lena hopes to own a real house robot, who can perform all unwanted tasks for her.

Gert van den Anker

Gert’s passion is to develop people and organizations. Working together to come up with a solution that really works, based on the higher customer demand. Structure is a precondition for this, but within the defined playing field there is plenty of room for creativity. From vision and strategy he searches for a suitable solution of, for and with the people/organization.

Christian Hödl

Focus and passion of Christian’s is consulting for digital transformation, agile methods as well as the conception and support of personnel development programs with focus on innovation in the technology sector.

Henk-Jan van Hees

Henk-Jan has have worked on projects across the globe in a variety of industries including business to business, transportation, media & communication, maritime & offshore, retail, ICT and automotive.
For the last 7 years Henk-Jan has been working as an advisor at the intersection of strategy and implementation. Getting people moving to achieve the desired goals is Henk-Jan’s main motivation. It is important to Henk-Jan that this process always starts with choosing the right strategy.

Arne Adrian

After spending five years as a consultant at PAWLIK, Arne Adrian was appointed to the company’s Management Board in 2007, where he was put in charge of the Personnel Consulting and Personnel Diagnostics units. Arne Adrian is a licensed scan coach and Executive Director of the PAWLIK subsidiary scan.up AG.

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